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Where are you from ? You damn Virgin Marys !
You know what? You just know nice face! You just know nothing and for nice face to conmfort her! You never know the truth, then could you please shut up!! You such damn fools!! It's none of your business!

I just keep on blaming myself, in fact, i just want you to say it's not only your responsiblility. but from the begining to the end, you never say it. but what i can say? as i said, i am really sad. i told you, it's my fault, and i don't want you  to do things you are not reluct to do. because i didn't know it.
I don't think that because of the unhappiness last time could destroy friendlyship. But your innocent may destroy it. you know around you there are so many Virgin Marys, they never care for the whole things, they just blame the one who force you. acctrally, i think i have never done it. maybe you feel i force you, but in my heart, i never want to and try my best to not to. you know how carefully i try when i am being with you? i really feel so tired. you are so sensitve, but i am never a thinkfull person.  we focus on each other with sina weibo, renren and cure. you know, i can see every comment between you can your friends and your fans. Have you ever think about my feeling?
I feel sad and wronged. I also want to post some words on weibo or renren or something else and make my friends to comfirt me, but i don't dare to, because you are so sensitive, it may make you think more. and i can only write some English words here, no one care about those things.  I know that you will never read it, i don't want you to read it either.

i like you, i cherish your friendship, but i don't want to be with you.
I made things worse again!!!! 妈蛋!!
I am really not good at getting along with sensitive person!!! I really want to cry!!!! who can help me !
So, the conclusion is no mattter how much you like him/her, if you feel that you don't have the same atomerphere, just give it up... T T....
美人虐我千百遍, 我待美人如初恋什么的。。。。it's too hard to make it, I can't do it any more。。。。ORZ.....